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When Facing A Theft Charge, Don't Trust Your Freedom

to an Inexperienced Attorney

Theft comes in a variety of shapes and forms. There are a number of ways to get charged with theft, and the charge most often is linked to the seriousness of the defendant’s conduct and the dollar value of the item or items allegedly taken. Theft charges can either be misdemeanors or felonies and the possible punishments will escalate as such.

People charged with theft often neglect to hire an attorney because they don’t realize the seriousness of their situation. Unrepresented defendants have told us that they believed the punishment for theft isn’t as significant as other crimes. This obviously is a very risky strategy. Clients representing themselves may not recognize the gravity of their situation and the risk that they’re exposing their future to.

If you are arrested for a theft related crime, it is crucial that you call an attorney the moment you are able to make a phone call after the arrest. Your constitutional rights are at risk when you are arrested. A skilled criminal theft defense attorney can fight to ensure that your rights are protected. And because theft is a broadly defined crime, it could be considered petty or minor or conversely, severe and extremely expensive. Because of the variation in the severity of theft, it is important to speak with theft defense lawyer whether you’re facing the charge in Illinois or Iowa.

Let us help you plan for the best possible outcome in your case and ensure that your rights are recognized.


It can be difficult for a prosecutors to prove the burden of proof in a theft case. Often, a witness is unwilling to testify or there may not be a witness at all. Additionally, other than making a prosecutors meet his or her burden of proof, the prosecutor also has to show that the defendant knowingly possessed the stolen item. In other words, you can’t accidentally steal something.

Another consideration in the defense of a theft charge is the value of the item. A defendant may have committed theft, but the value of the item is not accurately presented by the prosecutors. There are instances when an individual is charged with a felony theft because of the alleged value of the item, and it turns out that is not the correct value.

There are a lot of different things you defenses in a theft case. Contact our skilled and experienced attorneys to discussion your case and to formulate a strategy to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Identity Theft - Identity theft involves the targeting and theft of target specific forms of personal identity, including Social Security Numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, passwords, and more. The charge of identity theft should be taken just as seriously as any other kind of theft. Depending on the case, being convicted can lead to large fines and many years in prison.

Possession of a Stolen Motor VehicleA charge of theft of a motor vehicle or possession of a stolen motor vehicle can result in a felony conviction that carries with it multiple years in prison. If you face criminal charges as a result of arrest for auto theft or possession of a stolen motor vehicle, you must act immediately to defeat the charges.

Receiving Stolen PropertyIf you are caught with stolen property in your possession, you could be facing either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the property. If you are convicted in either Illinois or Iowa, you may face considerable jail or prison time, fines, restitution, probation, and a permanent felony record.

Retail TheftRetail theft is the act of taking something of value from an establishment without properly paying for it in a transaction. Shoplifting is the most common form of retail theft, and once you’re caught, it’s obviously not as simple as paying for the stolen merchandise and forgetting about it.

Free Consultation for Theft Crime Criminal Defense Cases in Illinois and Iowa

If you have been charged with a serious crime, you simply cannot afford to put your future in the hands of an inexperienced defense lawyer. Contact our Illinois and Iowa criminal defense attorneys to schedule your free consultation regarding your case.

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