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A prior arrest or conviction on a criminal charge can be more than an embarrassment. It can prevent you from obtaining a job, renting an apartment, or being accepted at certain schools and colleges.


Fortunately, for many people in this situation, remedies do exist:

Expungement — Even if you were arrested and released without charges, or the charges were later dismissed, you will have a public record. Furthermore, if you were sentenced to Court Supervision for a misdemeanor, or placed on Probation for certain felonies, your case will remain a public record even if you completed your sentence satisfactorily. In Illinois, you may be able to expunge these public records. With an expungement, the record is physically destroyed, and no one, not even law enforcement officials, will ever see it.

Sealing of a Record — While law prohibits the expungement of convictions, you may be able to obtain a sealing of your record even if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, or certain types of felonies. When the authorities seal a record, it is no longer accessible by potential employers and members of the public.

There are many common misunderstandings in this area of law. Despite what you may have been told, the expungement and/or sealing of your record will not happen automatically. We help our clients obtain expungements and sealings of records. 

Obtaining an Expungement or Sealing of a Record

Only certain types of records and cases are expungeable. Likewise only certain types of misdemeanor or felony convictions can be sealed. In many cases your petition to expunge and / or seal must be accompanied by “rap sheets”, court records, and even drug test results. Furthermore, each county may have different forms and follow different procedures for petitions to expunge and/or seal your record.

Moving Forward With A Clean Record

We can quickly evaluate your situation and explain your options - we handle your case from beginning to end so that you do not have to worry about the paperwork, filings, and following up to make sure that the petition is granted. 

After an expungement or sealing is granted, you do not have to acknowledge that you were arrested or convicted on any job, school, or apartment application. What happened in the past stays in the past.

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